About William...

William is the owner and sole proprietor of Hernandez Mobile Notary Services and is The Wedding Officiant. He was born in Cuba and came to the United States of America with his family when he was very young. He was brought up in Hialeah, FL to a traditional Cuban household, and was held to fundamental core values, which included self believing ,  ambition , working hard, taking risks, and always taking care of family first. His gracious personality and his social skills has allowed him to excel in being able to level with just about anyone on a personal level. His dedication to making sure that his customers get the best service possible at the best rate is what motivated him to be a Wedding Officiant , due to the fact that he knows his professionalism and service can be delivered at a low cost at the convenience of  individuals


The Small Details

The Wedding Officiant sets a friendly reminder that the wedding is all about the couple along with all the small details that encompass the ceremony .We try to get as many details from the prospective couples about their big day as possible.  The number of guests and participants in the wedding party, apparel colors, what guest is coming from the greatest distance, and of course,  putting together their story . Aside from being an information goldmine in putting together their ceremony, it reconnects them to the joy that has brought them to their wedding day!